Commercial construction is never easy for the business owner or the construction company. The Auction House is undergoing major renovations and we have decided to close our doors for the next couple months so that the handymen and construction workers can get the work done without having to work around us.

We have temporarily moved our offices online. Soon you will be able to  sell and buy things on our website. So as the auction house is being renovated we are also updating our website.

You may be wondering what kind of renovations we are having done.  Well good question. We are adding new windows, new hardwood floors, and getting a lot of the drywall repair work done that we have put off for a long time. The main offices will also have carpeting installed and popcorn ceiling removal done.  The look and feel of the business will change drastically.

These are the guys doing the renovations:

We were finding that our patrons were avoiding coming to the auction house because the appearance was rather drab and the lighting wasn’t always very good. In order to sell our products at the highest price possible, we need to be able to  Display them in the best possible lighting and in a comfortable setting.

We are so excited that we were finally able to raise the funds to make this renovation a reality. We want to thank all of our patrons, supporters, and the thousands of other local citizens who have helped out. This is been a long time coming and we hope to be able to give back to our community soon.

When we were established in 1962, almost 2 generations ago, our family promised  to not only provide the best possible auction services in the area, but also to be a valued part of the community. There have been so many support of residence and local businesses who we have been lucky to call friends. Finally we want to thank our families who are going to have to put up with us for the next couple of months while we were working from home.

Look for updates as to our grand reopening right here on our website!